September 15, 2006

CHICBLVD.COM Launches Reality Internet–Diary of a Bride to Be and Diary of a Mom to Be!, launched in March 2005 has continued to thrive as one of the premier avenues of engaging young women with content from a “girlfriend’s” perspective. 

While Reality Television (TV) continues to capture the attention of viewers across the country, is offering the same concept but over the web—Reality Internet!

Currently, ChicBlvd focuses on two life stages for these features—a mom-to-be and a bride-to-be.  While there are many resources to guide young women in planning a wedding and having a baby, there are few that provide perspective from a “peer” who is going through the similar experiences.

And these reality features are definitely unpredictable and emotionally provoking —including a wedding that was called-off and a surprise showcase of the “sex” of a new baby!

See: and

ChicBlvd’s goal is to use these personal testimonies to encourage and relate with women in similar paths.  It’s like sitting down for coffee with a best friend and hearing about her personal journey (except… there’s no coffee… it’s all online)!

The features include blog entries by the featured girl which are then broadcasted to those who have signed up to received notices via her Diary email (sign up for ChicMail at!). 

Included in the Diary emails are notifications of new videos that showcase daily experiences of these young women.  Many of the videos are also posted on as well as their pages.

Women are also invited to post comments or encouragement to these ladies via their blogs, myspace accounts or by emailing them directly!

Also included in these showcases, are recommendations for various products, services and other resources that not only support other businesses, but also provide insight to readers on the same “road of life” looking for advice!

The newest BRIDE TO BE and MOM TO BE will be released end of September 2006.

The ChicGirls’ ultimate mission is to positively impact young women in their daily living (while having fun along the way)!  The site encourages readers to pursue their dreams, take risks, cultivate friendships, enjoy life and more. 

Nikki Gutshall               
Kailynn Bowling  


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