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How to Survive When Your Friend's a Bridezilla And You're Her Indentured Servant

Everyone has been there, or at least known someone who has been there. One of your best friends is getting married and she is not such a giddy bride. In fact, you might even venture to call her…Bridezilla!

Of course, it is never a good idea to actually say the word “Bridezilla” out loud. So even though you are feeling it, you should never speak it. Don’t worry; everyone else is feeling it too, so there’s no need to whisper to them about your frustrations. Just let it be an unspoken truth everyone in the bridal party is aware of.

In any case, when you are a part of your friend’s very special day and the planning that comes before it, you will have to endure the traditional tasks that come with your role in the wedding. Most brides ask very little of their attendants, but every now and then, Bridezilla may show her ugly head.

She may start demanding everything from matching toe nail polish to $600 dresses for the bridal party. She may call you at midnight asking you to check into caterers for her the next day. She might even tell you that you can’t bring a date to her wedding since you are not married and not with what she would consider to be a “serious” boyfriend.

No matter what, you have to keep your cool! The worse thing you can do is upset a Bridezilla! Although you may have to bite your tongue again and again, it is really in the best interest of everyone to help her get through the wedding and do what you can to help her.

Just keep in mind that most brides-to-be start with the demands and other typical “Bridezilla” behavior because of a few things. Some of them are just nervous about their upcoming wedding and act out with negativity. Others are just terrified and are acting like control freaks because they don’t know how to feel in control again.

Remember, the engagement won’t last forever and your friend will likely be back to normal after her honeymoon. So, if you can just make it through until then, you will be doing her a big favor and keeping your friendship strong. Who knows, when you get married you could be a Bridezilla too!

By Whitney Acke


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