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Planning the Happiest Day of Your Life Should Be the Happiest Time of Your Life  
Simple ways to enjoy planning your wedding
By Nancy Sullivan

Congratulations! You just got engaged.  Saying “YES” was the easy part; you now are faced with the fun but stressful task of planning your wedding.  DON’T STRESS!  You can do this and you can enjoy it too!  Just because something may be difficult does not mean that you can’t have any fun.  It’s your wedding and of course you want it to be perfect.  Being engaged should be one of the happiest times of your life.  Some simple steps can help you remain focused and, most importantly, have fun.

Planning a wedding drains your bank account but one thing that it should not do is drain you! No one wants to see you upset during this happy time.  A Bride to Be should be smiling and glowing: YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE MARRIED!  That is what your wedding is all about; your marriage.  After the champagne has been drunk and the cake has been eaten you’ll have a marriage that will need all of your attention.

A wedding consists of a lot of details and a lot of details require a lot of organization.  If you need help in this area invest in a wedding planner book or binder.  There are many styles that you can choose from at your local book store (there are entire sections devoted to planning a wedding).  In today’s day of technology there is always a website that can help those that prefer to use their computer for everything.  Sites like www.theknot.com are equipped with anything and everything that you will need to make your wedding spectacular.  They are all designed to help you get started and stay organized throughout the entire process.  Most include a suggested timeline to help you take care of each step in the best order.  You don’t want to get caught up in something that can wait while a major detail lays forgotten. 

Another step that will help you enjoy the planning experience is to have a long engagement.  It makes sense right?  The longer amount of time you have between getting engaged and getting married the more time you have to plan for it.  This will also give you more time to save the money you’ll need in your budget.  Weddings can be expensive which can cause you, your fiancé, and your families a lot of stress.  It will make things easier for everyone involved has a substantial amount of time to plan for the money they need to contribute.

A major step that every couple must take is…TIME OFF!!  Yes you must, at one point at least, completely empty all wedding business out of your head.  Not just for one day either.  If you have a year or more to plan the wedding; take a few weeks up to a month off (you will see this is possible when you have your timeline set up).  It will really give you and your fiancé a chance to connect without the wedding always being the topic of conversation and help you to remember what all of the planning is for.

The happiest day of your life will cost you a lot of money; it doesn’t have to cost you your fun and sanity too.  Make a point to follow these steps and you will make the process, and ultimately the BIG day, that much better for you.  ENJOY!

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