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What’s in a Name?
How to change your name after marriage!
By Melissa Williams Netherton  

OK, so you just got married and are about to go through the name change process but have no idea where to start.  Lucky for you we have some advice which should help you along your way!

Social Security: The first place you need to contact in order to change your name is your local social security office.  You will need to fill out form SS-5 which is downloadable from the Social Security website: www.ssa.gov.  Take the completed form, your marriage certificate, current Driver’s License, and current Social Security card to your local office.  They will make the changes and will mail you a new card which should arrive within 2 weeks of receiving the information

DMV: You have to wait until receiving your Social Security card before updating your name record at the DMV.  Once you get the new SS card take it to the DMV along with your current Driver’s License, completed Form DL 44 (found on the DMV website), and your marriage certificate.  They will take a new picture and get a new thumbprint and give you a temporary license which is good for 60 days.  Your new license should arrive in the mail within weeks of submitting the information.  You should plan to make an appointment at the DMV before going in…this could potentially save you hours!

USPS: You can notify the United States Postal Service of your name change by filling out a change of address form on their website. Check out www.usps.com for more details.

IRS: The form to fill out for the IRS is form number 8822 which can be found on the IRS website by following this link: www.irs.gov

Passport:  You will need to apply for a new passport in your married name as your passport must match you Driver’s License.  In order to change the name on your passport you will need to fill out form DS-5504 which can be found on here. You will need to send in this form along with a certified copy of your marriage certificate in order to receive your new passport.

There are many companies out there who, for a nominal fee, can assist you with the name change process by sending you all the forms and also helping you submit those forms that can be taken care of online.  Some of the websites to check out for this type of service are:


Congratulations on your marriage and good luck with the name change!

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