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Need a Favor?
A little nudge to get you thinking about the perfect wedding favors.

You forgot to drop by the cleaners.
You ran out of cotton balls.
You forgot to buy paper plates for the party.
You spaced out mailing your bills.

Thank goodness for friends (and a fiancé) to do favors for you!

However, you have a bigger task—you need to find favors for
your wedding.

This time no one else can take care of it for you—it’s your gig. “But,” you plead, “I’m swamped with a zillion other things to do. And I have absolutely no free time!” Let us help get you started …

Since favors show appreciation to your guests for supporting you and your fiancé on your big day and beyond, make sure the items are of value to them!

I mean, who wants a cheesy gift that’s all about you—like an origami animal with your names on it? Not me. Not anyone.

However, even though you’re pleasing your guests, it’s imperative that the gifts also reflect your personal style—and blend with the theme and décor of the day.

The possibilities for fun creative ideas are endless! Here are a few suggestions:

  • Personalized Candles by www.thecandlefavor.com –you can choose your color, scent, personalization on the tin as well as the fun packaging!
  • Bath Truffles by www.dlishus.com –homemade bath truffles made with ingredients like shea butter and cocoa butter! In a variety of scents.

Try not to see this part of your wedding as another “to-do” item—it really can be fun!

Much more fun than the dry cleaners or running to the store--which of course is what fiancé’s are for! (Don’t tell him we told you that.)

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