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Cocktails and Lingerie
A fun untraditional “lingerie” shower to honor the bride-to-be!

No boys are allowed tonight.
But the groom will definitely reap the benefits hours after vows are exchanged!
If your girlfriend is in need of fresh undergarments or lingerie to “wow” her new husband, you’ll want to skip the daytime shower full of toasters and cheese graters. 
She can get those items from Aunt Jane or Grandma Hilda … at the other shower!
As the hostess of this celebration, consider an elegant evening gathering with all her closest girlfriends.  Encourage them to wear their favorite cocktail dress, to bring a pair of panties reflecting their own style (in the bride’s size), along with a gift of choice.
When guests arrive, they’ll hang the panties on a clothes line around the room – not only for fun presentation to the bride – but for an interactive event later in the evening!
Eventually, the bride-to-be will be challenged to guess who brought each pair.  She’ll take them down one-by-one and place them in the lap of the assumed giver.
It’ll be fun to see her guesses – but it’ll be even more fun for her to have 25 new pairs to take home (not to mention all the other fun gifts)!
For more game ideas, check out the Shower Game article.
If you like to tie everything together, consider using the wedding colors as the event theme color.  If it’s pink, make sure the cocktail drinks are pink only.  You can incorporate the color many other ways as well … including the color of the invitations.
For fun invitations, purchase inexpensive blank cards, some vellum paper, a bow and lace (or a garter).  Print a heading on the vellum, such as “Cocktails and Lingerie in honor of …” with the rest of the message inside the card.
Punch holes in the top of the card and tie down the vellum with the bow.
Take your lace and make it look like a garter, wrapping it around the entire invitation (if you don’t have time to assemble, buy the garters already made). 
Your friends will think you’re an event planner – and might even hire you in the future! 
More Help: Get lingerie from eberjey.com, onlyhearts.com, or juliannarae.com

For a cute touch, wrap the lingerie in a silk bag from www.shoploveme.com
If you don’t have time to create your own invites, visit www.finestationary.com.
For fun cocktail dresses, visit www.edressme.com!

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