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Cinderella Dreams on a less than Royal Budget
You need to cut corners with this wedding and here's how to do it.

Forget the glass slippers. You'll be lucky if you can afford shower flip-flops for the bride's maids. Cinderella you’re not and he's far from Prince Charming or royalty for that matter.

What you need is to cut corners with this wedding and here's exactly how to do it on a shoestring.

Food is always a major concern and one of the most expensive parts of the reception. Ask the bridesmaids to each bake a turkey and de-bone it. Serve it buffet style at the reception. Have Mother in Law to be responsible for salads. Include tossed, cole slaw, and Jello molds. Your family will be responsible for beverage and dessert. Dessert includes the wedding cake and coffee, punch, etc. Have a cash bar for those wishing to consume alcohol. If there's still a missing piece of your reception quite possibly the groomsmen may be willing to lend a hand or help out.

If your wedding is in a church many times the reception may be housed in the church hall as well. To boot, they don't always charge you for the reception. When you leave for the honeymoon the family can always help out the church staff in cleaning up.

In today's world the big emphasis is and has been for a while being comfortable and in being functional. With that in mind have you considered your attendants dressing in theme?

How many of the bridesmaids already own print sundresses? Quite possibly your theme could be Hawaiian in nature? Even if you purchased them they're cheaper than gowns. The groomsmen could even wear Hawaiian print shirts. Flower leis are dirt cheap to buy and could accent most anything. It's unique and folks would talk about it for time to come.

The day is yours. There's really no need to go into debt before you even get started.

All of the savings can always go towards your diamond!

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