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8 Months of Planning, A Blink, A Honeymoon
Capture the day’s beauty with an artistic signing piece for your guests!

After 8 months of planning, the day has finally arrived.

Then, you blink.

Next, you’re driving towards the airport—with bold white lettering on the back window that reads “Tanya LOVES Jack!” and the sound of aluminum cans echoing on the pavement.

It’s all a blur—in fact, you can hardly remember who was there.  Faces swirl around in your head.  You just wish you could’ve absorbed more in the last 5 hours.

Gratefully, you had a signing piece from ArtofHand.com— thanks to your awesome maid of honor who introduced you to the site.  Surely that captured the day’s beauty.

Although you want nothing more than to land in Hawaii for your honeymoon, a little piece of you is excited for your return home.

You’re anxious to reflect on the signatures.  And… even more eager to hang the artwork on a special wall in your living room!

Although the wedding day feels like a blur now—the priceless memories will forever be captured through your photos and special pieces like this!

Be sure to check out ArtofHand.com for your wedding—or any special occasion.

Contact Jane Brenner who does amazing work. She has braided her training in the fine arts with that of calligrapher-graphic designer. Her graduate studies in painting gave her the grounding for later work in publication and book design. Finding that calligraphy, an art done by hand, is increasingly valued in an age of computer-produced forms, she has focused her work on painting, illustration, design, and hand lettering.

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