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“We’re Engaged!!”
You just got engaged… now it’s time to party with friends and family!

You dial her number. She answers. You exuberantly shout, “we’re engaged!!!”

After the screams and “ahs” and second-by-second replay, you and your closest girlfriend reminisce and giggle about the past—including all the last-name guessing games, in anticipation that maybe this one is really the one!

Well, finally, you know what your name will be… and it’s time to execute those well-thought-out dreams of the perfect celebration.
But, where in the world do you start??

Fortunately, your mom is on top of it! She knows that traditionally it’s her responsibility to host an engagement party (even though it’s perfectly fine if you and your fiancé… or anyone else… takes charge!).

There are many fabulous party ideas that you can pass along to mom—some are more elaborate and pricey, others are more casual and cost-effective…

Bar-B-Que: Whether held in someone’s back yard or the local park, guests will appreciate the laid back atmosphere to come and go as they please, to dress how they want and to socialize casually. If you want a little more activity, there’s always sports--volleyball, baseball, et al.

Check out the cute BBQ invitations at www.finestationary.com!

Elegant Dinner Party: Unless it’s catered by a local top-notch restaurant, this option may take a little more prep time. However, if your mom loves to entertain and the guest list is at a minimum, go for it! Check out all the great recipes at www.marthastewart.com.

Wine Tasting: If you live close enough to a winery, take a small group out to celebrate. Make sure, though, that no one is sensitive to alcohol—you don’t want to make it awkward for anyone! Get the couple a personalized bottle of wine from www.signaturewines.com.

Sports Event: Rent a skybox at your home-team game! For sports lovers, it makes for great conversation. For those who care more about socializing, then knowing the outcome, be sure drinks and hors d'oeuvres are in ample supply. If budget is low, why not reserve just a section—with free popcorn and soda!?

Dance the Night Away: If you’re a dancing queen, why not invite a DJ to your party—or rent out a room or dance club, already equipped with DJ equipment and a disco ball. Get grandpa on the dance floor for great fun!

Three, Two, One, Liftoff!: Take your party up in the air, with a hot-air balloon. Some carry up to 16 people or you can rent several balloons with smaller baskets. Guests will never forget this experience! Land in a beautiful spot where your guests are served a catered brunch.

Down by the Sea: (or lake or ocean). If you and your fiancé love the outdoors, others will appreciate various water sport activities—or simply enjoying the view!

Cocktail Party: For a fancy but not-too-expensive event, have a cocktail party at your home (or your parents’). Offer guests hors d'oeuvres and drinks! Themes are always fun too—for example, guests can dress up as their favorite married celebrity.

First Date Reunion: Host the party at the place you had your first date—whether a nice restaurant or a little old-fashioned ice cream parlor.

Champagne Brunch: Several hotels will host your brunch! For a fun party gift, you can give small bottles of champagne (or an engraved glass) to each guest. Try tying a white ribbon on them with a poem written on parchment paper and cut out as a heart.

Check out the engraved glasses at www.hansonellis.com.

Other Themes: Have a theme related to your proposal. If your fiancé’s a romantic and asked you on the Empire State Building, have a NYC-themed party!

For more ideas and guidelines, get the book: Wedding Occasions: 101 New Party Themes for Wedding Showers, Rehearsal Dinners, Engagement Parties, and More.

Now, girl, remember that your celebration is a special time for friends and families to get to know each other ... and celebrate your new season.

Don’t get caught up in too much planning.

It’s more important to focus on the marriage, than the wedding day!

P.S. Check out www.plumparty.com! They have a great variety of random things you might need for any party.

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