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Help the Bride-to-Be Get Organized!
Congratulate her engagement with some gifts to make planning easier!

Your girlfriend just experienced a life-changing event!

The man of her dreams just got down on one knee, lavished her with compliments… and placed a big rock on her finger.

Yep, you guessed it---she just got engaged!

You’re thrilled for her and want to do something special. So as you contemplate options, you remember that she’s not one that claims to be organized… and she could definitely use your help!

But, you don’t want to go to your local bookstore and get the typical planning book—you just know that her mom will get the same one!

So, you opt for something a little more original. Check out LHStyle.com where you’ll find handmade, fabric-covered binders in a variety of styles that will fit the bride-to-be’s personality.

There’s even a wedding section with one designated specifically as “Wedding Planner.”

Then, to make the gift even sweeter, buy a few bridal magazines and/or visit a few wedding sites and include some articles inside that you know she’ll find useful!

A bride’s job of planning her special day is not an easy task—so your assistance will mean more than you know!

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