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Finding a Bra That Fits

Here is your guide to finding a bra that fits comfortably!
By: Melissa Williams Netherton

Did you know that a large percentage of women actually wear a bra that is either too big or small for them? If you are sick of constantly being uncomfortable in your bras then read on and learn how to determine the perfect size for you!

First of all, you want to get a measuring tape that you can easily wrap around yourself. You have 2 factors to consider when purchasing a bra…Your cup size and your bust size…This method will help you to determine both!

To determine your bust size take your measuring tape and measure around your rib cage, right below your breasts. After you get that number, add 4-5 inches (you want an even number) and this is going to be the bust size for your bra. (Example: If you measured 29 inches, add 5 inches and you will arrive at a bust size of 34, if you measured 27 inches you would add 5 inches and arrive at a bust size of 32)

Next you will measure around the fullest part of your bust with the tape measure. You want to make sure that you don’t pull the tape measure too tight otherwise you will not have an accurate reading.

Once you have determined the inches around your fullest part of your bust subtract your original measurement from this new measurement. This will determine your cup size.

If there is a 1” difference you are an A cup, 2” is a B cup, 3” is a C cup, 4” is a D cup, 5” is a DD cup and so on.

In addition to these measurements it is important that you find a bra that has comfortable straps that are adjustable to your comfort level. If after doing this exercise you are still not sure what size to purchase, don’t hesitate to ask for help at your favorite lingerie store!

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