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Seasons Change, So Change With Them

Three Ways To Shed Your Winter Routine…Getting Ready For Spring!
By Whitney Acke

Can you hear it coming?

The change of the seasons that is! With Old Man Winter blowing out and the new Spring swinging in, the changing seasons can be felt all over the country.

Now that Spring is coming, it’s time for you to shed your winter routine and get ready for warmer weather. Use these three helpful tips to help you along your way!

Get A Tan
With warmer weather around the corner, you don’t want to be the only one stuck in jeans on the first beautiful day of the year…just because your legs are wintry white. So, get out there and get a tan! No, not the kind of tan that you get from a harmful tanning bed or from laying on the beach all day, but instead the kind you get from sunless tanning.

Sunless tanning has come a long way since it first hit the scene years ago and today’s formulas are almost mistake-proof.  Do-it-yourself versions are lighter and can often be used daily, allowing you to build a more natural looking tan. Or, if you are unsure about lathering on the lotions yourself, hit your local salon for a spray tanning session. Your new color will have you ready for Spring!

Clean That Closet
Since you won’t need the loads of sweater and coats you’ve been cuddling in much longer, why not take the time to clean out your closet? Clearing out the cold weather clothes and bringing out your Spring duds will help you get in the mood for a wonderful new season. If you have time, think about painting your closet a nice Spring color, like pale yellow, to help start the season off fresh!

Take A Walk
Have you been sitting in front of the television all Winter, watching reality television shows? Don’t worry…there are thousands of people who have done the exact same thing.  The only problem is that now you might be finding yourself a few pounds heavier that normal. To fix this quick, take a daily walk. Find some friends to join you and catch up with them along the route!

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