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3 Reasons To Choose Chic Support Hosiery In Colors

Allow your legs to make a statement this cold season…
By Whitney Acke


Winter is sweeping across much of the country and ladies are quickly covering their legs to stay warm! But, who says you have to hide your legs all winter? With chic support hosiery in colors, you can keep your high-style image and steer clear of chill bumps!

The gals at ChicBlvd have once again gone outside the box to offer ladies all over the world fashionable footless tights. Sure, you could easily find black, white or beige tights in your local clothing store. However, if you want to impress even your most fashionable friends you’ll need something a little more fashion-forward.

Consider these three terrific reasons to stylishly cover your gams this cool season!

  1. The trendy support hosiery in colors offered via ChicBlvd are the perfect way to dress up any outfit. In the world of fashion, the only thing worse than wearing clothes that fit improperly is to wear something that’s boring. Fashion is all about color and excitement! The ChicBlvd footless tights come in a wide variety of colorful patterns. With names like “Axel Rose”, “Strawberry Shortcake”, “Material Girl” and “Electric Youth” they are far from boring! Pair them with your favorite jean skirt or a simple black tunic to make a bold and beautiful statement.

  2. Women often find it difficult to choose the perfectly sized tights. With each brand creating an entirely different sized “small”, “medium” or “large”, it can be a challenge to get the right fit. However, with the new chic support hosiery in colors available at ChicBlvd.com there is no need to worry about sizing. Their colorful hosiery is available in “Adult One Size” and will fit any body perfectly (from 125lbs to 175lbs). No matter how much you weigh, or your height, these amazing tights will offer you the perfect fit!

  3. How often have you put on a new pair of tights, only to be itching and tugging at them an hour later? Finding a great pair of comfortable tights can be difficult! But, the new support hosiery in colors by the ChicBlvd gals are made of luxurious soft fabric that feels just like butter against the skin. Their Nylon/Lycra blend allows them to be machine washable, making them not only easy to wear but also easy to care for!

So, instead of reaching for your trusty pair of black leggings this year, dare to have more style with ChicBlvd support hosiery in colors!

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