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Be Rebellious!

In the 1950s, wearing jeans was considered rebellious.  Eat your heart out Lucy!

In the U.S. during the 1950s, wearing of blue jeans by teenagers and young adults became symbolic of mild protest against conformity. This was considered by some adults as disruptive.*

So if you’re going to be disruptive, it might as be while wearing Joe’s Jeans!

All Joe's Jeans accentuate curves in the right places representing the ultimate slimming pant.  One of our friends recently said (without being prompted)… “these are the best jeans I’ve ever owned. I LOVE them.”

So if you’re able to drink a few less Starbuck’s before heading to work--put that money aside and get a pair of Joe’s!

Read about a few of their collections (and visit CoutureCandy.com for more info):

“Surfside Angelenas”
JOE’S [noun] 1. Ultra cool denim & sportswear for the indie minded, modern, urban chick with attitude; 2. Spirited California brand admired by both men & women for its commitment to setting new trends and staving off convention.

JOE’S Basics Program Expands To Offer Two New Fits
JOE’S revolutionized the designer denim industry with the introduction of a unique Basic Fits program last yea. The program expands this Spring with the introduction of the “Muse” (a 1940’s style trouser fit) and the “Provocateur” (the petite version of best-selling “Socialite”).

Joe's Jeans New Provocateur Fit
For most petite women, finding denim with a perfect fit is like finding Prince Charming in a crowded room. There's more to it than just picking up something that looks good and living happily ever after. Whether dating or denim, you try and try (or, rather, buy and buy) until you rack up a list of failures so long you want to give up. If this sounds familiar, look no further; the Provocateur fit from Joe's Jeans are a fabulous fit for the petite women.

JOE’S Honey Jean
With its contoured shape & higher rear rise, JOE’S Honey Jean creates a smooth, attractive silhouette on women w/ voluptuous shapes – whether in the hip, rear, or both.


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