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Is Everyday A Bad Hair Day?

Great…and Inexpensive…Ways To Help Your Hair Reach Its Full Potential!
By Whitney Acke

Chances are, when you look in the mirror, you are not thrilled with your hair. After all, those with curly hair want straight hair…and vice versa. If you feel like everyday is a bad hair day, things need to change! Finding a way to work with what you have is part of the successful hair equation. Here are some tips that are not only effective, but inexpensive! If you are lucky, they will leave you with hair like the models in the shampoo commercial!

Don’t Wash
This may sound insane, but washing your hair everyday may be damaging your hair! Did you have to read that statement twice? The truth is that shampoo can strip your hair of its natural oils. If you have dry hair, you may want to think about limiting your hair-washes to three times a week. Your hair will be softer and shinier than ever before!

Condition, Condition, Condition
If you want your hair to shine like the top of the Chrysler Building, you need to condition! Conditioning your hair is one of the easiest things to do…and you can never do it too often. Although expensive conditioners may be recommended by your stylist, you don’t have to spend a lot to get soft hair. Visit your local beauty product store and ask for a tub of “cholesterol”. Once a week, lather it on your dry hair, leave it on for a few hours, then shampoo like usual. You’ll be amazed at the results…and the tub will likely cost you less than $5.

Overprocessed…Not Me!
You color your hair how much? Wow!! Damaged hair is not usually beautiful hair, so be sure to limit yourself on how much you process your hair. If you can’t live without your hair color every six weeks, think about switching colors from time to time. If you get stuck in a habit with your color, your hair may not enjoy that particular combination of chemicals each month. But, if you switch from blonde to brown to red…your hair will likely adjust better!

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