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Fun Gifts for Your Classy Canine

Check out these trendy gift items … to spoil your four-legged friend.

So who really is cuter?

Britney Spears’ Chihauahua “Bit Bit” ... or Paris Hilton’s “Tinkerbell?”
Well, we say … who cares! All dogs need equal pampering and love, regardless of their owner or level of “cuteness.” Plus, we all know that your dog is probably the best of all!

With that in mind, we’re sure that you want only the greatest for your little Mimi. If so, you NEED to checkout www.thepamperedpup.com. They have everything from jeweled dog collars to trendy “sorbet beds!”

Now, dogs usually like to … go on walks. Sleep. And eat. So, after you get the dog collar and bed, it’s time for some gourmet treats! Visit www.chezpuppy.com to get some heart-shaped, fire-hydrant shaped or kitty-cat shaped munchies!

While you’re making that purchase, you’ll be happy to know that not only are you giving to yourself and your classy canine … you’re also giving back to your community. A portion of each purchase goes back to a non-profit organization, including the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and AIDS Research!

So get ready to spoil your little pup … while supporting your community at the same time!

P.S. In case your pooch isn’t up for the usual walk, check out our chic dog carriers!

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