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Think Pink
Tools are NOT just for boys!!

You sit on your bed, staring at the blank wall.

Your eyes glaze over and you’re tempted to go back to bed.

Why does hanging a picture seem like the most overwhelming task of your life? I mean, when you were younger, dad always came along with his handy dandy tool set and in a flash, the picture was perfectly hung.

Now in your bachelorette pad, the only tool you have is the bottom of your shoe that serves as a hammer.

You reflect on the last picture-hanging experience and remember the 30 holes you made in the wall before you got the picture to finally hang (at a slant).

Well, ladies, fortunately for you tools don’t have to be the boring items owned by dad who spends the day in the garage making tables and other contraptions.

Tools can be fun. That is, tools from Ladies Tool Zone!

Visit www.ladiestoolzone.com and check out the “Think Pink” series.

Among the many sets, check out the newest addition that can only be called “Chic!” Your friends won’t know that this zippered bag with handles is not a cosmetic bag… unless you tell them!

So now that you’ve solved the problem of slanted pictures and hole-y walls, here are some other decorating tips to make your room your own:

Paint One of Your Walls: As long as you check with your landlord first (!), this could add some fun flair and personality.

Good Lighting: Forget the florescent light on the ceiling! Get some unique shades and soft lighting for a welcoming atmosphere. (And don’t forget the candles.)

Add Flowers: OK, so your boyfriend isn’t the best romantic… so treat yourself! Replenish fresh flowers each week—place them on your dresser or nightstand.

Mirrors: You are beautiful… so why not add more mirrors! It’ll make your room look bigger too.

De-clutter: Remove all the unnecessary paperwork that seems to multiply when you leave the house. It will make your room much more inviting!

Then, sit back… pour yourself a glass of iced tea, get a good book and enjoy your handiwork!


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