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Five Ways To Add Sophistication To Your Bedroom
You can dress up your relaxation haven without spending loads of money!
By Whitney Acke

When you slowly make your way to your bedroom at the end of a long and exhausting day, do you find the relaxing atmosphere you’re craving? Most women put their bedroom at the bottom of their decorating priority list. They will spend loads on living room furniture, new drapes for the dining room, or even that fancy shower head for the bathroom.

Time and time again the bedroom is deprived of the “décor love” being spread throughout many homes. After all, since very few guests ever see the bedroom, why spend all that time and energy, right?

The truth is that your bedroom should get the same attention the rest of your home gets. A properly decorated bedroom can provide not only a place for you to rest at night, but also a place where you can hang out, enjoy hobbies, or meditate.

To add sophistication and class to a boring bedroom you don’t need to spend loads of cash. You can utilize simple tips that will have you spending more time in the bedroom than you probably should!

Tip #1 A New Coat Of Paint Goes A Long Way
The easiest way to dress up your bedroom, without breaking your monthly budget is to try out a new color on the walls. If you want that sophisticated style, try going for warmer shades of brown, blue, or mustard.

Tip #2 Toss Pillows Are Functional & Luxurious
Want to add flair to your bedroom, without doing any work? Toss pillows are your answer! Toss pillows are terrific accents for a well-made bed. Go for the pillows with rich fabrics, beading, or other beautiful details. They will make your bedroom look terrifically classy!

Tip #3 A Water Element Can Work Wonders
If you want to add something unique to your bedroom, think about getting a water element. You can visit your local home improvement store for in-home waterfalls or table fountains.

Tip #4 You Don’t Have To Fear Plants
Don’t have a green thumb? Not to worry! You can still add plants to your bedroom to bring in that sophisticated look you are going for. The trick is to find faux plants that look live. They will brighten up the space, without needing any care from you. Just spray them off with the garden hose to avoid dust collection.

Tip #5 Closet Organizers Are A Woman’s Best Friend
No matter how beautiful your bedroom décor is, if your closet constantly looks like you are having a rummage sale, the whole vibe of the room will be thrown off balance. So, treat yourself to a terrific closet organizer to finish your room off and to get that final element of sophistication!ChicBlvd.com has evolved into the premier avenue of engaging young women and providing guidance for life! It’s the girlfriend’s guide for the road of life regardless of the stage a girl is in, whether single, dating, getting married, having a baby or pursuing her career. There is something for everyone!

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