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Chic Tricks For Hanging The Perfect Photo Frame
Anyone can hang a tilt-free photo frame with these easy and inexpensive tips!
By Whitney Acke

Whether you’re hanging photos you’ve taken and framed yourself or if you are hanging expensive art, you want it to look good. Even if you have a great eye for hanging, things can always go wrong.

Some women are bold and choose to hang their frames without anything but a hammer and nails. Although this can work, it is not the best way to attempt the task. You may just end up with a million holes in your wall from hitting studs or incorrect placement.

If you want to hang the perfect photo frame or piece or art, try these chic tricks. There is nothing worse than a nice piece of art tilting on the wall!

Step #1
The first thing you need to do is find a tape measure or level. If your level has a built-in stud finder, rejoice! In addition, purchase a roll of self-stick Velcro from your local craft store.

Step #2
Think about where you want to place the frames. If you have problems getting a mental picture of how the frames will look, try this trick. Trace the size of the frame onto paper. Cut out the shape and using tape, stick it to the wall. It will give you a better idea of how the placement will look in various places, without you putting random holes in the walls to find out.

Step #3
Using the tools collected in Step #1, draw out where you need to place the nails (with a pencil). Be sure if you are placing several frames next to each other that you allow the same amount of space between them all (3 inches is often appropriate).

Step #4
When you are happy with the frame placement, remove the frames from the wall once more. Cut a small square of self-stick Velcro from the roll and attach one side to the bottom center of the frame. Hang the frame back on the wall and attach the other side of the Velcro directly to the wall, so the two sides connect. The Velcro will keep your frame from tilting!

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