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Furniture Is Like A Little Black Dress
Choosing furniture that looks great today, yet will survive the changing trends.

Maybe you’re buying your first home. Or maybe you’re redecorating after your three kids are now able to drink out of non-sippee cups.
If so, then you’re probably on the hunt for new furniture!

These days, there are a plethora of places you can go to buy furniture, from Ikea and Target … to Expo and Pottery Barn, and even couture lines like Baker (

With all these choices, where do you start?

First, figure out what you can truly afford. But face it, there are some things in life you just can’t be cheap on… and if you are, you’ll end up replacing it year after year (spending more in the long run).

For example, if you buy a quality wood dining room table, you’ll have it for 20 plus years. But … if you buy a DIY model at a lower-end store, good luck getting even five years out of it!

Second, check out different stores to see what’s out there, in your style and taste.

But remember, trends are just that – trends. If you decide to drop lots of money on a Toile print sofa, make sure that it’s your favorite style and not just the “in” pattern of the season.

If you know you’ll grow out of the Toile in a year or two, buy furniture that’s versatile and that you’ll love and have for years to come. Then, accent it with accessories in your favorite style – including vases, trendy knick knacks, pictures and throw pillows ...

For conversational pillows, visit

For modern pillows, visit www.edgemodern.com
For funky pillows, visit www.realmdekor.com
For classic pillows, go to www.potterybarn.com
For a wide variety of pillows, visit www.horchow.com

(Most of the sites above also have other accessories to make your décor unique).

It’ll be easy and cost-effective to change these accessories in a few years, as you keep up with the evolving styles. And, it’s important to remember that…

A good piece of furniture is like a little black dress. You can dress it up or down. It’s timeless and classic and you never regret having bought it!

-Decorating tip contributed by interior designer Nicole Mann.

P.S. For some brand-name discounted furniture, check out www.overstock.com!


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