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Five Decorating Tips That Will Cost You Less Than $10 Each
Ideas that will flatter your home without flattening your wallet!
By Whitney Acke of ChicBlvd.com

Have you ever walked into a new friend’s home and find yourself completely jealous of their fantastic décor? When someone devotes time to decorating, you can tell!

Being thrifty and creative can get you a long way in the world of decorating.

You can always use the money you save by decorating for less and spend it on that new pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing!

Unified Photo Frames
Photos are an easy way to dress up walls and everyone always has a ton of them to show off. So, hit up your local discount or “dollar” store and find three to nine inexpensive frames. If you have old frames of your own, you can use them as well. Just spray paint them black to match.

Then choose your wall, and line the frames up (side by side or in rows) with your favorite black and white snapshots inside.

Beading Is Where It Is
Want to know how to turn a basic lamp into a chic accessory all of your friends will long for? The trick is to use beading!

Beading can be purchased at any craft store. You can buy in already constructed and sewn onto beautiful ribbons for less than $10 per package.

Using your glue gun, attach the ribbon portion of the beading strip to the inner edge of your lamp shade. You will love the results and the entire task takes less than 20 minutes!

Discount Fabric Galore
If you watch a lot of home makeover shows, you probably notice the expert designers use a lot of fabric in their projects.

Try checking in the discount bins at your local craft store to find inexpensive fabric. When they mark something down to $1 a yard or less, jump on it! Then utilize that old piece of plywood you have in the shed and a hefty staple gun to create a unique headboard covered in fabric, or sew yourself some fantastic new drapes.

Nesting Boxes For Less…Much Less
Do you love the dramatic look of nesting boxes? Nesting boxes can be terrific not only for your home’s décor but also for hiding mail, photos, or other things you don’t want cluttering up your room!

To create your own boxes, simply find old shoe boxes with lids. Then paint the boxes to match your home décor, glue beading on the edges or a ribbon flat across the top, and display them when they are finished.

Glass Can Be Art Too!
Sometimes a room’s look can be pulled together using a piece of art…or a few pieces of art. If you only have $10 to spare, think about using glass as art. Hit the local craft outlet and find 5 similar vases, oil lamps, or glass balls. Group them together on a table and call it “art”!


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