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Crafty Home Office Projects Anyone Can Do In A Day Or Less
Use these ideas to make your home office warm and inviting!
By Whitney Acke

Do you have the problem many women have? You want to be crafty, but you are terrified of doing craft projects on your own?

Well, you certainly don’t need a man to help you with these terrific projects that anyone can do in a day or less!

Desk Accessories For A Chic Lady
If you want to decorate your home desk in an interesting and chic way, think about creating your own desk accessories. Visit your local home and garden store and purchase three medium sized clay pots, paint in your preferred color, and a coordinating spool of wide ribbon.

Paint the clay pots, identically. When they are dry, wrap the ribbon around the top of the pot. If the pot has a hangover at the top, slip the ribbon directly below it. If you want a “girly” style, you can tie a bow in the front or to the side of the pot. If you want a “sophisticated” style, simple cut the ribbon and attach it flat to the pot with craft glue.

Place the pots on your desk for pens, pencils, staplers, or any other office supplies you’ve collected!

Adorable Message Boards
Instead of a boring white board in your home office, why not create a unique alternative? Find a large wooden serving tray to utilize for this project. Visit your local home improvement store to purchase a small can of “chalkboard paint”.

Paint the entire bottom of the wooden serving tray with the chalkboard paint and allow it to dry. Hang it in a handy location on the wall, and enjoy your unique message board!

Ribbon Memo Hangers
Does your desk constantly get cluttered with Post-Its and message notes? If it does, you need a new plan. And since you are coming up with a new plan, why not make it one that is also quite trendy?

Gather a spool of wide ribbon, clothes-pins, and several coordinating push pins. Cut the ribbon to span across an adequate section of the wall area, nearest to your desk. Using the push pins, attach the ribbon flat against the wall, leaving a bit of slack between each push pin. Then, using the clothes-pins, clip your messages onto the ribbon.

Not only will you have a handy way to keep up with messages, but the ribbon will also look decorative in your home office!

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