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Living Chic for Cheap
An Urban Girl's Guide to Livin' Large on Less

You just graduated college.

You have student loans up to your neck. You just accepted a minimum wage internship because you’ve been told it’ll further your career. You just moved into a tiny studio – but you no longer have mom and dad to foot the bill.

On the other hand, you’re tired of using bean bags for furniture. You’re tired of wearing your roommate’s “hand-me-downs.” You’re tired of eating at Taco Bell three times a day. You feel like it’s time you start looking and acting like an adult (especially to impress your new boss at your low-paying job).

But on one side, no money. On the other side, one million desires.

You’re stumped.

How can you live chic for cheap??

Nina Wildorf, author of City Chic: An Urban Girl’s Guide to Livin’ Large on Less reveals how you can live large and spend less in all areas of your life … including:

• Home Decorating
• Body Care
• Food and Drink
• Clothes/Shopping

It’s a smartly written, fun to read, stylish handbook for you, the 20-something professional dealing with a tight budget… who doesn’t want to sacrifice fun, style or fashion! Nina will teach you how to live a Gucci lifestyle on a Wal-Mart budget.

So, until you become a rich and famous superstar (which will be soon, I’m sure), check out this book – and start living chic for cheap.

Oh… and just a side note, no one has to know the “cheap” part!

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It includes cheap ways to: Travel. Buy a computer. Entertain. Buy a car. Decorate. Plan a wedding. Buy groceries. Have a baby. Get a Master's degree. Buy clothes. Help the needy. Invest… and on and on.


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