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Chic Tennis Rackets Accessories Help Keep Your Racket In Shape

Tennis is a fantastic way to burn calories, stay in shape and have fun. In fact, some of the most famous women tennis players in the world have bodies any woman would die for! Whether you are a tennis fanatic already or just beginning to love the sport, having a few basic items of tennis gear is important.

Many experts pay thousands of dollars for expensive tennis racket accessories and custom tennis racket covers. But, you don’t have to pay thousands for ladies tennis accessories! In fact, most of the traditional accessories are less than attractive and are completely overpriced.

The trendy (USA-made) custom tennis racquet covers fit two oversize rackets, allowing you to carry an extra racket or tote one along for a friend. Each one has a zippered pocket for your keys or for your favorite lip gloss you can’t even hit the courts without! With a comfortable strap to throw over your shoulder, the cover is ideal for any day on the court. Not only will showing off your new bag provide you motivation to hit the court for some much-needed exercise, but it will also allow you to look fabulous while doing it!

Of course, the best part about these chic tennis racket covers is they are beautifully constructed! While your friends may be stuck with carrying boring black cases to the court, you can show up with a chic designer cover. Design names include “Bamboo” which features a preppy green and pink criss-cross pattern and “Tickling Stripe” which boasts a beautiful pink and brown striped pattern. There is a perfect design for any tennis diva!

The perfect birthday gift, Christmas gift or “just because I love myself” gift…these stylish custom tennis racket covers are ideal for any occasion!

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