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There’s Help for Those with OCD!
Living with OCD is an everyday battle but there’s hope.
By Lara Davis  

Imagine waking up in the morning, lying in bed, ready to start your day, when without notice you have an overwhelming urge to count to twenty-two before your feet hit the floor. If you don’t complete this task, you are convinced something bad will happen to your mom. This ritual takes about forty-five minutes because something interrupted you and now you have to start over again, twenty times.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder fueled by obsessions – recurrent and unwanted thoughts, and compulsions - repetitive behaviors, which are performed to discount the thoughts or make them go away. Counting, checking, cleaning, hoarding, touching and hand-washing are all familiar behaviors seen with OCD.

“I have OCD;” the phrase is so casually used. One might think they have it if they frequently think they forgot to lock the door and so they have to drive back home to check. This is not OCD. People who suffer from OCD experience exaggerated and highly distressing thoughts. One with OCD might agree that this disorder literally runs their life. The obsessions and compulsions take over in such a serious way that there is little to no room for well-being and happiness.

Fortunately, for those who live with this everyday battle, there is hope. Finding someone to talk to is essential. There are professionals who are experienced with helping those who suffer from OCD work through the anxiety and thoughts prompting the obsessions and compulsions. And for those with mild to severe symptoms, there are medications to aid as well.

Living with OCD isn’t a death sentence. There are some who will let it take over their lives and others who seek to find the help to overcome. Living with OCD is an everyday battle but sometimes just finding others who can relate will be the jumpstart that leads them to really start living, obsession and compulsion free.

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