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Defining Ourselves by Our Roles
Finding Meaning in Our Daily Tasks
By Gina Turner

How do you define who you are? Your definition may relate in large part to what you do on a daily basis because you were designed with gifts and opportunities unique to you.

Often our lives have meaning because we find fulfillment and significance in our daily tasks. Do you enjoy what you do? We all need a little bit of variety and adventure. We also need love, support and stability.

Look to understand the significance, and perhaps the higher calling, of your daily routine. It will help you be thankful for your blessings—the people and events in your life. Appreciate the role you play. Enjoy fulfilling careers, new hobbies, and nurturing homes.

Our lives, and the lives of those around us, are enriched by what we do. Our husbands have companions and our family has a support system. We’re raising our kids to be responsible members of society. And, to top it off, we work and volunteer to benefit society at large.

The relationships we cultivate fill our lives with meaning. Appreciate and enjoy others, and learn to smoothly juggle your many roles. Don’t take things too seriously and learn how to respond genuinely and peaceably to real-life situations.

You were designed with talents, skills, and a personality all your own to bless others and to help you enjoy life to its fullest. We are blessed to be a blessing. Be encouraged, grab life by the horns, and go out and make a difference. Live life like you mean it, whether building a career or family. Be authentic and confident. Have a genuine zest for life, seize the day, and make the most of every opportunity.

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