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“What Does Valentines Day Mean to You?”

By Gina Turner of ChicBlvd.com

You CAN have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

What does Valentines Day mean to you? While unmarried women may refer to February as "Single Awareness Month,” separated friends lament they’re married but living without. Yet another single girlfriend wears black on Valentine’s Day. Others are obviously miserable and embittered by their lonely and painful marriages, bored in the day-to-day of marriage, or devastated by divorce.

What is the conclusion? Is love an illusion? Or is there a purer form?

Be inspired this Valentine’s Day to allow yourself to celebrate and incorporate faith by listening to God’s loving messages. We all need hope and encouragement – including happily married women dealing with everyday life. This Valentine’s Day, become aware of God's love and His faithful provisions. Let your faith be built up and renewed.

Every time you see “I love you” written on a card in the store, a sign, a pencil, or a t-shirt, imagine God speaking to you – because He does, and He wants to. When you see a heart, big or small, edible or stuffed – imagine it’s God saying “I love you.”

Every time you see a picture of flowers, or wildflowers growing on the hillside, imagine it’s a bouquet from God for you at that moment, because it is, and you’re special and you matter to Him.

If you’re divorced or discouraged, and/or Valentine’s Day makes you nearly disgusted, imagine the love song on the radio is from God to you, and vice versa. Buy yourself chicBuds Violet Love exercise kit or a bottle of perfume as a gift from God and as a reminder of His sweet love for you – you are His treasure!

Remember the One who created you. He knows you better than anyone else, and He cares about you and what happens to you. He wants to wrap His arms around you, to comfort you, to give you love, peace, hope, and joy like no one else can do. Imagine a dance with Him, the Kind King, and you are His princess. Soar to new heights as you find in Him your first love, your True Love.

So when you wonder, what does Valentines Day mean to you? Know True Love this Valentine’s Day! Understand God’s love for you through The Doorman to Heaven, available at Amazon.com.

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