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Exhausted By The Idea Of A Family Vacation?
Successfully planning a family trip isn’t as difficult as you may think!
By Whitney Acke of ChicBlvd.com

If you’re like most women, taking a vacation can be more exhausting than relaxing. The work begins with extensive planning, saving money, and packing clothing and essentials for the entire family. If you’re lucky, you have children old enough to pack their own clothing! Of course, once you are on the road the stress only exacerbates with the kids fighting amongst each other and the adults needing to stop each hour to use the less-than-ideal rest area bathrooms.

The good news is that although family vacations are usually quite stressful and exhausting…they don’t have to be that way! Use these tips to help you get through your next family vacation with grace. You’ll come home refreshed…instead of spent!

Do Everything In Advance
The key to a stress-free preparation for a vacation is to start in advance. This doesn’t mean the night before you leave…it means months before you leave! Consider doing everything you can to fully prepare for your stay, as far in advance as you possibly can. Make hotel reservations, print off driving directions and confirm your travel plans. A week before you leave, take out your suitcases and start the packing process! Some things like your toothbrush can’t be packed until last minute, but most of your clothing can be packed right away, saving you time in the long run!

Don’t Plan Too Much
One of the WORST things you can do when you are going on vacation is to leave with an itinerary for the entire week. Sure, you should have basic plans set, such as where you are going, where you are staying, and when you are coming back. But, don’t try to plan out each hour of each day. You’ll only end up stressed out when your “plan” is not followed…and trust us…the plan will NOT be followed!

Travel Comfortable
If you are taking a road trip with another family, your parents or even your lovely in-laws, don’t even think about renting that 16 passenger van to travel in! Be smart and choose to travel in separate vehicles! There is something stress-inducing about being stuck in a car with people for hours and hours, and you don’t want to be stuck with more people that you must.

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