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Reconnecting with Your Kids after Work

Forethought is well worth the effort!
By Gina Turner

Reconnecting with our kids after work requires forethought – a time of transition from our other duties in our hearts, minds, and actions before we see our precious gifts. Even if it’s on the drive to pick up my son, I take a few moments to pray that God will bless our afternoon and evening together.

I greet my son with a hug and a special compliment and immediately get involved with his day by asking about the new toy he has in his hands (perhaps a prize from the “goody box” or a classmate’s birthday party).

If you have time to plan ahead, think of a few activities your child has been asking to do…maybe it’s a new kite he’s been wanting to fly or a new website game that he wants you to play with him (or screen for him!). Maybe you can even record a new television show for your child.

Plan ahead (it only takes a few moments) for a special snack you know your child likes – berries, snap peas, or that occasional “mommy special” (ours consists of a chocolate sundae with marshmallows on top).

In the evening, mealtime is a good time to review the day and ask about special events at school, as well as have a devotional reading (we enjoy “Little Visits with God”).

Bedtime is a great time to read those special books together, and to thank God for your blessings. If you’ll allow yourself to occasionally hang around until the little ones drift off to sleep, they may share concerns they’ve tucked in their hearts throughout the busy day, and you may get some “You’re the best mommy in the world” comments, along with a few extra snuggles.

And of course, the weekend is coming for bigger excursions, perhaps just a picnic in the park, a game night, or just digging for worms in the back yard.

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