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A Degree and A President’s Handshake…
But… No Job!

Whether you’re now working at McDonald’s or sitting by the phone waiting for the “you’re hired” call, don’t despair. There’s still hope!

By Lynne Riffenburgh

You’ve spent four (or a tad more) amazing years sharing a 200 square foot dorm room with two other people, procrastinating on homework assignments, staying up late, and becoming an independent woman.

You shook the president’s hand, took your degree, and smiled your way through a hundred pictures. As the guests bid goodbye and the gifts are stowed away, you pause. Suddenly you wonder, what next?

Maybe you’ve already spent several months up to your waist in the job search, gaining entry into a handful of interviews, only to be met with rejection. Or maybe you can’t find any open positions that match your level of experience. Perhaps you took the first job offered to you because you need the money now that you’re on your own.

You begin to wonder why you spent all that time and money, immersing yourself in student loans and high interest rates, only to obtain a job anybody could manage. But before you despair, read on. You may find encouragement in the counsel of the millions that have gone before you.

First things first: give yourself time to research various job descriptions that match your interest and education. Take a simple job to pay the bills while you decide which path to pursue. Explore your options and be patient with yourself- it takes time to adapt to life after college, and you deserve a break!

Don’t be afraid to hop in. The water may be cool, but it’s not getting any warmer! Watch the classifieds online and in the newspaper; put your resume on every website you can think of. Get yourself out where others can view your accomplishments and you’ll be surprised at how many times an employer will seek you out.

Look at interviews as a way to sharpen your skills. Try not to think about the end result. Instead, polish your answers, learn to relax, and realize that you are shopping too. While they are evaluating your skills, you can be evaluating the business- is it the place for you?

Remember to be patient. It will be increasingly difficult to follow this advice as you wait and wish for the job of your dreams. But if you are diligent and hopeful, you’ll be ready to embrace it when it finally does come knocking. And you’re not in it alone.

Call a girlfriend for coffee when you need to indulge in a little self-pity. Just remember to limit it to a little!

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