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Take the Plunge Into Your Dream Career

Find the courage to take that first step
By: Nancy A. Sullivan

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” That was the question teachers loved to ask in elementary school. It gave our imaginations the freedom to picture ourselves as anything. A doctor, an astronaut, even President of the United States. The possibilities were endless.

As we grow older we tend to only allow our imagination to “dream” about practical things. Why should that change? The possibilities are always endless no matter how old we are. We spend the majority of our lives at our job. Who wants to be miserable for most their life? A lot of people stay at dead-end jobs because they are afraid of trying something new, they have too many responsibilities at home, or they don’t want to put themselves out there in fear of failing. It all comes down to whether or not we are fulfilled and happy. You wouldn’t stay in a relationship that didn’t make you happy; the same should go for your career.

Choosing a career, for some, can be as difficult as deciding what to eat for dinner. Once you have found a career to sink your teeth into it doesn’t get any easier. For a lot of people; that is as far as they go. It’s making the dream a reality that is the most difficult part.

The first thing a person should do is consult with anyone they know that already has the job they want or be aggressive and go out meet new people in the field you are looking to get into. The pearls of wisdom you can obtain from someone who has “been there” can be priceless if you use the information to your advantage.

It’s important to have confidence and believe in yourself. Tell yourself “I have something to offer that nobody else can”. Don’t let the idea of others being better than you get in the way. You have to believe that you are the only one that is meant for this job. If you don’t believe it the person on the other side of the interview table certainly isn’t going to.

Surround yourself with family and friends that believe in you. They are your biggest fans and closest allies. Let them be there to give you a shoulder to lean on when you need it. I read on a fortune cookie a few years ago: “Don’t give up. The beginning is always the hardest”. Taking that first step is scary; you are committing yourself to saying “This is who I am and who I hope to be”.

Your determination, talent, and most importantly your persistence will take you far in your career. Don’t stop setting goals for yourself either, even if you think that you can go no farther. There is always something new to be learned. Don’t ever stop dreaming of
the possibilities.

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