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Time for a Time Out… Spot!
A way to discipline that’s easy, convenient--and it works!

You had a hard day at the office.  You can’t wait to come home to spend time with your precious 3-yr-old boy whose little hugs make you melt!

Little do you realize, he had a bad day too—and doesn’t seem as excited to see you.

You keep your calm amidst his sarcasm--but inside you’re extremely discouraged.  When you try to play with him, he recklessly throws his toy trucks toward the wall… and stomps away! 


Although it’s the last thing you feel like doing, it’s time to lovingly discipline him.

Thankfully, you already have a solution—and one that will make everyone’s life better!

You instruct him to visit his Time Out Spot for a few minutes until he has relaxed, reflected on his actions… and is ready to hear mom explain why he needed time out… and to also share how much he’s loved no matter what!

Before you know it, little Tyler has apologized and you’re all ready to enjoy one another in peace!


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