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Functional or Complicated—Your Choice!
No need to make life more difficult—check out this chic and frazzle-free baby carrier!

You’re late for the family gathering at the San Diego Zoo. 

Your honey departed early to get tickets—and you’re left to get all the snacks, the sun screen, the hats, the stroller…and of course, your little baby.

Finally you’re ready to go.  You fill up your arms with “stuff”, lift little Melissa off the floor and try to strap on the baby carrier. 

Before you know it, as you’re trying to fix the buckles and adjust the metal rings on the carrier--your sunglasses are halfway off your head, you’ve dropped the sunscreen, little Melissa has slipped lower and lower in your arms, you’re sweating from the summer heat—and you’ve just had it!

Either you’re not going to go to the zoo---or, you need to find HELP!

Goo-Ga.com has a great answer for you (and you’ll even look chic in the process)!  Check out the Peanut Shell™ pouch-style baby sling for a hip mom like you. 

It’s a comfortable, stress-free and stylish way to carry your baby. Being the most fashionably functional baby sling on the market, it’s an amazing way to carry and nurture your baby hands free!

The Peanut Shell™ is the world’s most frazzle free baby carrier--made from adorable, stretchable fabrics that offer a pain free carry. It’s so compact that you can throw it into a diaper bag, use as a stroller cover or baby blanket. There’s even a pocket for carrying essentials--keys, cell phone, pacifier (not to mention sunscreen, and more).

Check out these stylin’ slings at Goo-Ga.com either for yourself or for a baby gift…they are adorable. If for yourself, buy one to match every outfit—and at least if you show up late, you’ll look great in the process!




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