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A Way a-Round the Diaper Changing Nightmares
A diaper changing pad that conforms to your wiggly little one, making mom’s life easier!

Ok, moms. Do you ever find that the small rectangular shape of your diaper changing pad is extremely frustrating, as you strategically try to align your little wiggly one in the right position—and even more challenging… try to keep them there?

You may even feel somewhat annoyed at the folding/rolling pad designs with their ties, buttons, or Velcro®. Wouldn’t it be nice to find something simple that you could fold easily, maybe even with one hand?

Well, ladies … if you understand that all too well, we have the perfect solution!

Check out www.patemm.com where you’ll discover the patemm pad ™ which is designed to make changing your little one quick and simple. The round design accommodates squirmy infants.

And as a bonus, it folds into a sleek, all-in-one bag for diapers, wipes and even a change of clothes. It’s a stylish and practical solution, while also offering a variety of chic designs and colors for the trendy mom!

These products were invented by a mom like you—so you can be assured that she understands your experiences and will accommodate your needs!

So what are you waiting for … check out the site and see for yourself!




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