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Chic Things for Mommy … and Baby Too!
Don’t settle into looking like a “stereotypical mom” – keep your vibrant self alive!

You’ve seen it happen.

Your once trendy girlfriend gave birth to children. Her chic style changed from the hip young woman to the tattered plain “mommy look.” Baggy clothes, tousled hair, weary face … and she’s lucky if her shoes match each other!

Well, recognizing of course that mothering effectively is much more valuable than style … and that it takes a great deal of dedication and hard work, the mom is still entitled to look her best!

Since you’ve now stepped into that role of mommy-hood, don’t forget to take the fun things with you! There are a number of stylin’ things on www.lifesizekids.com!

Under SHOP BRANDS, check out the Fleurville and Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags. They’ve truly turned the ordinary bag into an extraordinary fashion statement for the chic mommy.

And while you’re re-discovering your trendy side, let baby have some fun too! Check out Babygags and Haute Stuff.

Have some fun with it!




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