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Who Says You Can’t Wear A Swimsuit When You’re Pregnant?
Five terrific swimsuit tips for a pregnant mom!
By Whitney Acke

Congrats! You’re pregnant! Whether you are only a few weeks along, or are in those uncomfortable final months of pregnancy, you can be sure that this summer will be a little different than the last.

Being pregnant in the summer can be challenging if you live in areas where the heat index soars. The good news is that with a little time at the pool or the beach, you can learn to embrace your changing body throughout the summer months.

Sure, you might not be able to pull off that adorable little halter top bikini you practically lived in last summer, but you can still look adorable in a great swimsuit!

The first thing to remember is that you should learn to love your changing body. Every woman’s body changes throughout pregnancy…and it is a beautiful thing. So dare to show some skin this summer!

For those expecting mothers who are comfortable showing their gorgeous tummies, one of the best swimsuit options is the traditional bikini. A regularly cut bikini will offer enough coverage under the belly, while still allowing you to maintain your coolness, even in the hottest weather.

Pregnant moms who would rather appear more modest at the pool can find wonderful swimsuits in the maternity sections of their favorite stores. Of course there is no shame in buying a regular swimsuit, a few sizes larger than your non-preggo size!

If you were a tanning bed queen before becoming pregnant, don’t fret! Use this time to learn to appreciate the safe art of self-tanning.  Hate the way your self-tan looks when you do-it-yourself? Try one of the great Mystic Tanning booths or a personalized spray tanning session at your local salon. Your skin will love that you are tanning “healthy” and you will love the glowing results.

Remember, pregnancy is a beautiful thing…so love your pregnant body this summer!

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