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Tips for Decorating a Stylish Baby Nursery
There’s only one week left before my due-date…HELP!

By Whitney Wingerd, Mommies with Style

So there’s a baby on the way?  Congratulations!  It’s an exciting time… and the idea of designing a baby’s nursery can be thrilling and daunting at the same time.

Having been there myself fairly recently, I thought I’d share a few words of advice I wish someone had passed along before we got started:

First things first – a theme
Pick a theme and stick with it.  There are about a zillion nursery ideas out there.  And it’s easy to start with one idea and get caught up by all the other cute items out there.   You need to be consistent once you make your decision.

A theme can be something as simple as stripes, to something as intricate as a jungle where your baby’s bedding matches a detailed mural you have commissioned on one wall in the room.

Can’t think of an idea?  Look through some of your favorite children’s books growing up.  Ask an older sibling if you already have a child – kids can be creative!

Next step - colors

One you have your theme – pick a color, or colors, and make sure you stick with that palette as you pick out your baby’s bedding and window treatments.  Select two-three colors at the most, with varying shades of each color if need be.

Consistency and simplicity are the answers to designing a classy nursery. 

The most stylish nurseries are the ones that don’t look like the parents tried too hard.  

Keep it simple

You may feel the need to pay attention to details before the baby’s born.  You may see cute little knick-knacks for the walls, for the top of your baby’s dresser and more.  I say this loudly – RESIST THE URGE!!

Once your baby comes, the nursery is going to be so cluttered with diapers, dirty laundry and other items that seem to just fill the room.  No matter how organized you are, having a baby turns your world upside-down and throws a lot of mess into that mix that even the most organized Mom can’t keep up with.

To sate your need to get crazy – use the walls
The nicest nurseries I’ve seen to date have been the ones where the parents have really put thought and time into their walls. 

I’ve had several friends put chair rails into their baby’s rooms- and then two-toned the walls – often times the same color, just different shades. (i.e. Bright blue up top, pale blue below)  Another friend measured foot-wide stripes and has pale yellow/bright yellow going around her baby’s room and the result is a rich yet classy look.

If you feel the need to get creative – I say do it on the walls, but as I said earlier, keep overall-room simplicity in mind as you do so.

Above all else - safety
To conclude, safety should always be on your mind.  Although it may seem crazy to think that you have to start protecting a kick in your belly – time flies.  Soon enough that kick will be running around your house looking to put his or her sticky fingers in every electrical outlet you have. 

Be aware of the hazards in the baby’s room-to-be and plan for the future baby-proofing you’ll have to do.

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