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Planning For A New Baby Is Easy With Roselle Andrea: The Baby Coordinator
When you just don’t have time to do it all yourself!
By Whitney Acke of ChicBlvd.com

Congrats on your upcoming role as a Mom! Some women love being pregnant and some don’t. But one thing all pregnant women agree on is the fact there is always a lot to do to plan for a new baby. Between trips to your obstetrician checkups and everything else you have going on in life, thinking about planning for your new arrival can be stressful!

The good news is, you don’t have to stress out anymore…there is help! Just like you used a planner for your wedding, you can now use a baby coordinator to help you plan for one of the most important roles you’ll ever hold in life: The Role of Motherhood.

A Baby Coordinator, much like a wedding coordinator, can take on many roles depending on your specific needs. Roselle Andrea is an expert in nursery design and baby coordination. You’ll be relieved to know she can help solve the argument you have with your husband over whether the modern children’s bedroom furniture clashes with your antique home. You can find out more about Roselle at www.TheBabyCoordinator.com and see exactly what she’s capable of doing for you!

Not only does she design nurseries, but she can also act as a child stylist for your beautiful bundle of joy. After all, why not treat your new princess like she’s royalty?

This expert Baby Coordinator will be with you throughout the entire planning process. From hospital preparation to registry help, Roselle is there to make your pregnancy less stressful and more enjoyable. You can even match her up with friends who are throwing your baby shower, to ensure you won’t be playing embarrassing baby shower games that involve toilet paper rolls or napkin diapers!

After the baby is welcomed to the world, Roselle can continue to assist you with tasks such as coordinating your birth announcements and “Thank You” notes. As a new mother you will have your hands full with your precious angel and The Baby Coordinator can be sure your final planning tasks are completed.

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