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Your Birth Partner’s Checklist

By Expert Baby Coordinator, Roselle Andrea

Birth Partners play an important role in the delivery of your baby.  So, why not calm their nerves by preparing a cozy hospital bag for them.

Here are 10 tips for packing your birth partner’s hospital bag.

  1. Contact list--include the numbers of both of your parents, siblings, best friends and babysitter of your children.
  2. Lots of loose change-- for the hospital car park, pay phone and vending machine.
  3. Chocolate and snacks-- to keep up his energy levels.
  4. Clothes and accessories--spare T-shirt, toothbrush, toothpaste and wet wipes for quick freshen-ups--he'll want to look good in those first pictures, too.
  5. Camera and battery charger or spare film and batteries.
  6. Mobile phone-- remember this can only be used outside the hospital.
  7. Tissue--for the tears.
  8. Books or magazines--to keep him occupied if you have a long labor.
  9. iPod-- make sure his favorite music is downloaded.
  10. A thank you note-- an unexpected surprise.

For more ideas from The Baby Coordinator, visit www.thebabycoordinator.com.

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