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Make Your Friends Eat Ice Cream and Pickles
Creative ways to share the exciting news that you’re expecting a baby!

You really don't want to go buy one of those t-shirts with "Baby 07" sprayed on the front.

And it's been years since people put those yellow "Baby on Board" signs in the windows of their vehicles (thankfully!).

Still, you're ecstatic at the recent discovery of the life growing inside of you—and you want the world to share in your joy.

Here are a few unique and creative ways to spread the exciting news:

1. Invite friends over to dinner. Laugh, eat well and enjoy the company. When it comes time to serve dessert, take a half-gallon of vanilla ice cream. Soften it in the microwave for 45 seconds. Drain a jar of sweet baby pickles. Mix them into the ice cream and serve them hidden in the icy mound. It will create a stir and won't take folks long to catch on.

2. Find one of those adorable grandparent or aunt/uncle picture frames and use them as place settings for a wonderful dinner. You can even create your own with stencils and frames at craft stores.

3. After dinner, show a movie. In the middle of it, inject the tape/pictures of your ultrasound and sit there as if nothing is happening.

4. Leave birthing books, baby names and pacifiers on the coffee table. Guests will wonder what you've been up to.

5. Finally, when dinner guests arrive excuse yourself for a few minutes only to emerge wearing a huge diaper. Tell them you're practicing for the big day in a few months!

Contributed by Rhandi Clarke


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