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This Just In!
Your baby shower gift will definitely be the most “news-worthy!”

So you’ve been to at least 10 baby showers in the last month. And you’re simply tired of buying the same-ole, same-ole gift for the mom-to-be.

But unfortunately you’re out of creative ideas and need some help.
Well … here’s an idea for you that will definitely be the hottest “news” among your friends! Plus it’ll be a keepsake for years to come.

Check out Eternal Moments where you’ll be introduced to The Babyville Times! It’s a newspaper customized for the new baby with more than 40 personalized facts.

If the baby shower is pre-birth, a gift certificate to
Eternal Moments is the perfect way to go – and will allow the new mom to include all the intimate details! But if the shower takes place after the baby’s born, take the initiative to “get the facts” and do it yourself (you can also get it framed).

Possibilities for “the facts” are endless. Include the family tree, a time capsule for the year, world population statistics and/or today’s popular brands and styles. You can also include details about mom and dad, the birthing experience, other stats about the new little life … along with any other notes of dedication that you want to add.

So get started – and have fun preparing the gift that will definitely go down in history!

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