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Pink or Blue.
Every Mom Deserves Something New

A few ideas to get your mind thinking of some creative, theme-related showers for the mom-to-be.

Whether you’re throwing your first baby shower or your hundredth, you know that it’s a special way to celebrate an up-and-coming life!

But, you want to make this one unique and memorable from all the others--you’re tired of the mundane.

Try centering the celebration on a theme—it not only makes the shower easier to organize, but makes the day one-of-a-kind for this mom-to-be!

Here are a few party themes to get your mind spinning:

Mom Pampering Party—take mom-to-be and all the guests to a day spa. If for some reason, your wallet seems to have mysteriously emptied, save some cash and create your own spa party at home!

  Serve light snacks and non-alcoholic drinks while guests enjoy one another and the calming environment. Get some spa products at www.jaquabeauty.com!

(For more tips on hosting a spa party--visit Spa Index). 

For a great gift idea, check out www.fringekit.com–it’s a kit for baby’s first haircut!

Laundry Party—on the invitations, encourage guests to bring a layette for the new baby (or maybe even a fun outfit for mom). Before the party starts, hang a clothes line in the house and as guests arrive, have them hang up their gifts. When mom-to-be comes, she’ll be delighted to see the goodies waiting for her!

Meals for Mom Party—this is wonderful for moms who have other children. Ask guests to bring a frozen dish (along with the recipe card)—to give to the expectant mom. What a lifesaver if she doesn’t have energy to cook for the family!

If you only know how to make is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches … and don’t even own a cook book, visit recipe websites like www.cooks.com or www.recipesource.com.

Tea Party—hire someone to do a professional tea party or organize it yourself. All you need is plenty of flowers, tea (try several kinds), and dainty china cups and plates. The perfect menu includes scones, croissants, deli meats, fruit slices, and of course, cake.

Pamper her!

P.S. For more fun shower gift ideas, visit: www.oliebollen.com or www.childrensplace.com.

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