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Message Tees for the Mom-To-Be!
Most aren’t aware of proper etiquette when asking questions of pregnant ladies; these tees will help them!

It’s the morning of my 10-year high school reunion.

Once again, I picture myself running into 1) my old high school sweetheart, 2) my “former” best friend and 3) the cliquey group that always made me feel like an outcast. The butterflies start fluttering recklessly in my tummy.

The only thing that persuades me to attend is that I’m curious to see who fulfilled their prediction to that famous question – “where do you see yourself in 10 years?”

After I spend the day figuring out what to wear and practicing answers to those inevitable questions, the time has come to reunite with the past…

As I walk into the room, many eyes fixate on my face; I can see the calculation in their heads as they try to remember who I am. As soon as it comes to them, their eyes shoot down to the newly-formed pooch of my stomach.

When we finally engage in conversation, I’m annoyed that they keep looking at my tummy, but fail to say anything. They’re scared to ask the daring question (especially since my husband couldn’t attend)…

“Are you pregnant??”

Instead, they wonder if I’ve been indulging in too many steak dinners and chocolate deserts—or if, in fact, there’s a life developing inside of me.

At this point, I wish I would’ve worn one of my shirts from DueAndSprout.com--which could have avoided all the awkwardness.

Thankfully, I’m as proud as ever to share the news of my first child—but in the future, I might just wear my “message” tees to every social function.

It will make everyone’s life just a little bit easier!

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