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White T-Shirts and Spaghetti
A non-traditional, fun-filled, co-ed shower to “break” in the parents-to-be!

If you think white shirts and spaghetti sauce don’t mix, I have news for you.

They actually go perfectly together … at least in this instance.

Your best friend is pregnant with her first child. And as an experienced mother and faithful friend, you want to share with your mom-to-be, the realities of motherhood.

You know that her currently-pristine home will suddenly become a pathway for tornado storms. She will clean the house daily, only to see it thrashed again in milliseconds.

So you take it into your own hands to prep her for what’s to come. You decide to throw her a shower that is not “typical” in any sense. First of all, it’s co-ed. Secondly, it’s an evening event with full-on dinner and fine wine.

However, there’s an added twist. Sophistication is on “hold” for this celebration!

As instructed in your invitations, guests will arrive wearing white t-shirts (“disposable,” hopefully)! And they will each bring a bottle of their favorite wine (or sparkling cider for the mom-to-be). They’ll have no idea of the fun to come!

After arriving, they’ll be pleased to hear that spaghetti is the entrée. But …

No utensils are allowed!!

Um, yes … that would be hands and mouth only!

It’s time for the guests to experience dinner through the eyes (and hands) of a small child. (You might even want to have some “bibs” ready, in case someone accidentally wears their new Bebe blouse.)

Don’t be surprised if a food fight ensues – and maybe even a little untamed shouting and laughter. But rest assured that your goal of “initiating” your pregnant friend will be a success.

Yes, post-party will be a nightmare for you – your walls and floors will be begging for some bleach. But I assure you, it’ll be worth it!

P.S. If you need help with invitations, visit www.finestationary.com.

To make a personalized wine bottle (or cider bottle) for the guests of honor, visit www.signaturewines.com.

And if you need a great spaghetti recipe, visit www.marthastewart.com.

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