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Teaching Little Junior How to Share
A family project to teach your child the importance of giving to others!

You just gave birth to a precious little boy.

He is flawless, innocent… perfect! You are suddenly more aware of the negative influences all around—and want to protect him with all your might!

You don’t want the bad of this world to rub off on him.

Well unfortunately that’s not entirely in your hands—as he’ll grow up to eventually make his own decisions!

The only thing you can do now is to raise him as best as you can.
So to start… you know that much of the world is self-absorbed. And you certainly don’t want little Trevor to follow that lead. You want him to care about others! (I assure you, his future wife will thank you someday.)

So with that in mind, check out www.compassion.com.

As a family project, consider paying about $32/month to care for a child overseas who might not make it without you (just think, that’s just one trip to Toys R Us!).

Together you can write the child and build a relationship with them—while also teaching your little one about geography and other cultures! And hopefully someday you’ll be able to take a family trip to visit your “adopted” child!

We guarantee that the program’s legit (we’ve been to Bolivia and witnessed the work first-hand)! These young children carry their sponsor photos everywhere—and the letters are their most prized possessions!

Their lives are forever changed by people like you.

And before you know it, little Junior’s life will be changed too—and he’ll be eager to help others (including you, when your well into retirement)!!


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