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A Mom for Life. HELP!
Reality just set in … and you wonder “HOW will I ever be able to fulfill my baby’s unique needs?!”

You just experienced hours upon hours of pushing this precious new life out of your stomach. You thought the hard part was over. But now … reality has set in.

You are responsible for this new being for the rest of your entire life. Whoa! Scary.

Although you are excited for that—you’re simultaneously a little overwhelmed at such a huge responsibility. And it hits you even ten-fold as you’re reading this at 3:00AM in the morning … after you FINALLY got baby to stop crying (and you can’t go back to sleep)!

You also can’t seem to figure out why you miss that grueling job that you had prior to becoming a mom. Maybe it’s the interaction with people … or maybe it’s late and you’re hallucinating!!

Regardless, you need a little encouragement—and maybe some interaction with fellow “big people.”

Check out www.mops.com. MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers.

This organization will meet your needs—whether you’re an urban, suburban, or rural mom; stay-at-home or working mom; teen, single, or married mom. They will simply help you be the very best mom you can be!

The years from infancy to kindergarten are foundational in a mother-child relationship and are filled with unique needs and questions … not to mention those sleepless nights! And MOPS will be able to help.

They connect you with other moms through relationships in local groups that are fun and caring!

After checking out their site …go back to bed!

Try to get some sleep before little Kalie wakes up again!



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