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To Bathe or Not to Bathe?
A few tips to help you know when and how to keep your newborn clean

And the answer is … “to bathe!” But the question is … “how?”

You’re on your way home from the hospital. You’re exhausted and a little nervous – yet you’re full of intense joy and excitement for the new life born just days ago.

Reality is starting to set in. You begin to realize that even the most seemingly-minor things become huge question marks in your mind – being that this IS your first baby.

You can’t believe you forgot to ask Doctor about bathing your new little girl! You begin to wonder … how often should I bathe her? When should I start bathing her? How do I bathe her? This seemed like common sense prior to birth – but now you’re second-guessing yourself.

Let us shed a little bit of light on your questions – and attempt to ease your fears.

First of all, don’t worry about bathing your new baby several times a day … or even daily for that matter. In her first year, a gentle cleansing every few days is great. (Obviously the diaper area may require more attention).

Until her umbilical cord falls off (or, if a boy … his circumcision is healed), the best cleansing method is a sponge bath.

As you’re getting ready, remember that you never want to leave your baby unattended so make sure you have all the baby supplies handy.

Make sure room temperature is warm and water temperature isn’t too hot or cold. Dab her skin with water and a little mild baby soap (test it first for allergies). To keep her from getting chilled, dry as you go – and keep her covered as much as possible!

Once the umbilical cord stump area is healed, you can start giving her a tub bath – we’d recommend using the kitchen sink or a plastic tub.

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