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Dating: Understanding Him

What is the Language on Mars, Again?
How to communicate with a man—so that everyone feels encouraged!

What really is life like on Mars?

I mean, how strange that the inhabitants (men) would like to hear you say, “I had so much fun” after a date, rather than “you are so much fun.”

Does that make sense? Not to us (the Venusians)!

On Mars, men feel most complimented when you say you feel good because of something he’s done—whereas we (Venusians) want to be adored.

A man likes these indirect compliments—it encourages him to continuing pursuing you. He feels more confident in his ability to win you over… and thus more interested.

Again, this doesn’t make sense—but thankfully there are some guides to help us understand this foreign language! If you’re dating, check out Mars and Venus on a Date by John Gray.

It’ll certainly help you sift through your feelings, get what you want… and create a mutually fulfilling relationship!

And if you’re married, consider reading (or re-reading) Men Are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

It’s a practical guide for improving your communication and getting what you both want in the relationship!

Once you better understand each other, you can meet in the middle—on planet earth… to live happily ever after!

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