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Dating: Understanding Him

Women Need Love; Men Need Respect!
Ok… so you respect your man, but… does he know it?

Would you rather feel alone and unloved in the world OR would you rather feel inadequate and disrespected by everyone?

Regardless of what you would answer, a recent survey in the book, “For Women Only” by Shaunti Feldhahn, said that 3 out of 4 men would rather feel unloved.

Just as you want a man in your life to love you unconditionally, he needs you to demonstrate your respect for him regardless of whether he’s meeting your expectations at the moment.

“OK”, you may think… “I respect the man in my life. No biggie.”

However, most men surveyed in this book did not feel the respect. So, how do you respect your man… so that he actually realizes it!?

According to “For Women Only”, there are 4 key needs:

Need #1: Respect his judgment.

A man deeply needs the woman in his life to respect his knowledge, opinions and decisions. Show you respect him by calling on his knowledge in a given subject.

Need #2: Respect his abilities.

Men often need to figure things out for themselves and if they can, they feel like they’ve conquered something and are affirmed as men. So… next time he is trying to put together the new shelf from IKEA… don’t try to help him (unless he asks)!

Need #3: Respect in communication.

Try your hardest not to continually remind him of something he hasn’t done yet—or something he needs to do. Try to word your sentences in a way that doesn’t express disappointment.

Need #4: Respect in public.

The male ego is the most fragile thing on the planet. Try not to criticize him in public, put him down or even question his judgment in front of others.

Need #5: Respect in our assumptions.

Try not to jump to negative conclusions about him. Don’t assume the worst!

So next time you’re wishing he would tell you how much he loves you—remember that he desires respect equivalent to your desire!

And encourage YOUR man to check out the new book--
For Him Only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women!

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