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Does Anyone Still Check Off the Single Box?
You feel like you're the only one— but it's time to embrace it and live to the fullest!

When your first girlfriend shared the engagement news, you were thrilled!

After all, you have been talking about “the one” since you opened the “Ken & Barbie” birthday gift at age 4!

This first wedding was a completely new experience for the “girls” in your group, as you transitioned into the exciting world of… adulthood. There was hope that marriage could be right around the corner!

Well… you’ve now peaked around a gazillion corners and… nothing. Your Ken is nowhere to be found.

And to top it off, the last of your girlfriends just tied the knot. You now feel alone (except for occasional visits with your good friends Ben & Jerry).

All your married friends remind you to “savor the single years”, “enjoy the freedom while you can” etc. etc. And at times you live with gusto and believe it wholeheartedly.

It’s just those “other times” that drive you nuts! (Which at the moment, seem to be 99.99% of the time)!

Just recently you visited your favorite restaurant and began to fill out the survey about your experience while there. You started out with enthusiasm until you reached THE BOX.

You know what I mean. The Single or Married box.

You hesitate, sigh… and check off the appropriate one.

Well ladies, from now on, there is no more “sighing” allowed. It’s time to embrace our singleness and live life to the fullest. Pursue your own dreams and goals—and THEN the right man will come alongside at the perfect time! Let’s not waste time “waiting” for him to arrive while we have the potential to accomplish great things!

Just think of the possibilities. We can move to another city (or country) for a job, if we please. We can start a business that requires 22 hours per day. We don’t have to ask anyone if it’s ok to buy a new piece of jewelry with “our” money. We can go out with our girlfriends on a whim without consulting our husband’s calendar.
While we don’t deny that there are many beautiful things about marriage and relationships—we must not compromise who we are just because it’s not our time… yet!

P.S. If you still face depression while checking off the single box, we have a solution, Visit knockknock.biz, where you’ll find many checklists that will also make you giggle… like “I didn’t realize you were cool until…”. Start “checking away!”

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